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 USA Omni Table Ship Quote

We can and have shipped New Omni Chiropractic Tables to virtually any Country in the world. *
Due to lower cost; most of our Continental USA Tables are shipped Curb to Curb with lift gate service. (This means they lower to the ground, you un-crate and take inside yourself!)  Curb to Curb is the cheapest way to ship!!!
Most large tables are between 300 to 600 Lbs. We have the same flat style moving dollies available for sale that we use to deliver tables. 
If you need a dolly, click on the picture BELOW. On refurbished tables shipped from our location, we can strap the dolly to the top of the crate. On delivery, just cut the straps and the dolly will assist you to roll in your table!
INSIDE DELIVERY White Glove Service 

INSIDE DELIVERY is available and average cost is between $999.00 - $1299.00. This rate is for a GROUND LEVEL COMMERCIAL LOCATIONS available in the USA ONLY. If you have stairs, elevators, small doorways, small parking lot size, or if two people are needed; then the carrier will charge additional fees.

Inside Delivery is MUCH SLOWER. Time frame please allow an added 2-4 weeks. 


In the comment section, please list your address and the type of table you are interested in. (post a link if you have one)