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Omni Elevation Tables

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 Omni Elevation Tables

Here in this section of the Omni Chiropractic Tables website, you will find every version of Omni Elevation Tables currently being made made.

 The Omni Elevation Drop Tables drop will hold 500lbs of patient and I have seen it FIRST HAND. Lets face it, we all are not getting any thinner and Omni Chiropractic Elevation Tables are the only table with drops that will hold that kind of weight. The Omni Elevation Tables newly re-designed elevation motor is also a beast. The Omni Elevation Tables motor will lift 1250 lbs. The Omni Chiropractic Drop Table is OVER DESIGNED in every way. Some things are designed to be disposable. Your chiropractic table should not be one of them! All genuine Omni Chiropractic Tables are now being built 100% in-house at INMO Manufacturing located in Ashland, KY.

 Access Equipment owns this website and is an authorized dealer for the Omni Chiropractic Table. we do not own Omni Chiropractic Tables or MFG this table. 

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This Site Is Owned And Operated by Access Equipment Corp .We are NOT Omni  Mfg or INMO