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Chiropractic Table Air Compressor

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Chiropractic Table Air Compressor 

 In this Chiropractic Table Air Compressor secton you will find TWO types of compressors.

The Silent air compressor uses a refigeration motor to create air and uses a synthetic Oil which must be added often and makes maintence higher. The decibel rating for this compressor is 45 Db.

The Quiet air compressor uses astandard electric motor to create air and NEEDS NO OIL, this makes maintence much less. The decibel rating for this compressor is 50 Db.

ALL Air Compressors Must have the water drained from the tank atleat once a month!

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  • Looking for Air Line ¼ Inch, chiropractic table air line, airline, 25 airline, 25 feet air line, omni table airline, omni airline, omni table parts?

    Air Line ¼ Inch

    Air Line ¼ Inch - 25 FOOT ROLL This ¼ inch Air Line is a universal fit for MOST chiropractic tables. It can be used on an Omni Air drop table. If you are not sure of amount of footage needed or size of line call 256 245 8390. Air...
    MSRP: $35.00
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  • Quiet Compressor- Oil Less

    Quiet Compressor- Oil Less

    Quiet Air Compressor 6 Gallon Tank  Features and Benefits: Oil-free.  Delivers quality compressed air not available with oil lubricated compressors.  Teflon technology removes the need for oil driven mechanisms and the potential for oil...
    MSRP: $1,149.00
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