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Omni Table Cushions

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Omni Table Cushions

Here in this section of the Omni Chiropractic Tables website, you will find every version of Omni Table Cushions currently being made. The Foam in the Omni Table Cushions are available  in TWO sizes. The Standard Omni Table Cushion size is 3 Inches , It uses 2 inchs of Rebond foam and 1inch of Soft foam. The Upgraded Double Omni Table Cushion size is 4 Inches , It uses 2 inchs of Rebond foam and 2 inch of Soft foam.

Double Thick Omni Cushion Set

The Omni Table Cushions upholstery is available in standard vinyl, Upgraded Heritage or Upgraded Real Leather Upholstery.

Access Equipment owns this website and is an authorized dealer for the Omni Chiropractic Table. We do not own Omni Chiropractic Tables or MFG this table. 

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