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o      Access Equipment Corp provides both new and refurbished chiropractic tables. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new table or a high-quality refurbished Tables, Access Equipment Corp has the online store with multiple options available. If you need parts for your chiropractic table, Access Equipment Corp offers the LARGEST selection of replacement parts. Access Equipment Corp also provides repair services for chiropractic tables & Chiropractic Table Repairs and Video Tech Support. If your Chiropractic table needs annual maintenance or Repair, our tech is Factory Certified with over 30 years of experience. Access Equipment Corp offers Paid video tech support that can guide you through troubleshooting for DYI repairs remotely. Access Equipment Corp is in Alabama, but we ship New and refurbished tables worldwide through UPS air Freight with customs and document clearance to your Clinic Door . New Chiropractic Tables and Chiropractic Supply Items  Fully Refurbished Chiropractic Tables - We are Factory Certified to refurbish many of the Major Manufacturer Trade in Tables with 21 networked locations all across the USA.   Easily Find ALL Manufacturers Brands of New Chiropractic Table Parts and we also have custom made replacement parts for many Discontinued Parts!  New & Refurbished Omni Chiropractic Tables and Omni Table Parts. Save BIG on Access Factory Certified Refurbished Omni Tables!

        Refurbished Spinalator IST Tables and Spinalator Table Parts. Save BIG on Access Factory Certified Refurbished Spinalator Tables!



Paid Video Chat Assisted Tech Support for Repair or Trouble Shooting- Choose from 15 minutes,30 minutes or 1 Hour increments.



This Site Is Owned And Operated by Access Equipment Corp .We are NOT Omni  Mfg or INMO